Patroness          : St. Mary  

Patroness Day  : September 8

Duration            : 9 months

Goal                   :  Develop a filial the relationship with God

                                Enable the human and Christian Formation of the pre-postulant

                                Enable the pre - postulant have  greater familiarity with the SMS and its charism

                                Assist her in the process of discernment of vocation


After three months of  Boarding, the candidates enter in to the Aspirancy period. It  prolongs to a period of 9 months. The candidates are introduced  to the life of Snehagiri more seriously here. The candidates grow in prayer and  the charism during this period more intensively. Along with classes related to religious life,  they are given chance to do service to the poor as to the  special charism of the congregation. A trained mistress guides the candidates during this period.