The ultimate aim of the ongoing formation is to celebrate the joy of living our  Snehagiri spirituality in consecrated life, and to be energized to live it more enthusiastically and meaningfully.   Various courses, retreats, seminars, workshops and academic studies help them to grow in deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and to grow in holiness, practicing virtues, integrating prayer life and apostolate. The ongoing formation help them to take up the challenges of daily life courageously and willingly and to follow Jesus the crucified zealously. Also the training given after the perpetual profession prepare them, to deal with contemporary social & spiritual issues. Thus the total programmes help the sisters to develop their God given talents and abilities and to become better instruments of God in the Congregation,  in the Church and in the Society.

           The sisters are given refreshment courses in batch base in every three years. Also special gathering and seminar is arranged for the sisters perpetually professed within five years. The provincial and general realms conduct training programmes for the sisters working in various apostolic fields. The wardens of our aged homes, orphanage, homes for challenged attend the training programmes in the congregational level and government level. All the sisters ae equipped for an effective service through these trainings. The needy sisters are sent for various certificate courses in different institutions to ake our apostolic fields more vibrant and witnessing.